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Canine Cooler

Canine Cooler GRProduct Description

The Canine Cooler® is a thermo regulating waterbed that will keep your pet comfortable year-round. The Canine Cooler® is non-electric, non-toxic, paw-puncture proof, and easy to clean. For pets that enjoy a warm bed, place a heating pad underneath. Fleas hate the cool environment but dogs love it. Use the Canine Cooler® indoors, outside (away from direct sunlight) and in a crate for travelling.

The outer membrane of the Canine Cooler® is 20 mm thick – tough enough to park a truck on and not pop! This tough membrane is NON-TOXIC and will not harm your dog if chewed on. However, the Canine Cooler® bed is not recommended for puppies and adult dogs that tend to chew objects.

The Canine Cooler Thermo regulating Dog Bed helps your dog stay cool by reducing heat in the blood supply running close to the surface of the body. The soft, flexible bed has memory foam properties, making for a comfortable therapeutic dog bed.

To activate it, just fill the bed with regular tap water. The water is then absorbed into the patented foam core. Once activated the Canine Cooler keeps on working without the need to refill, refrigerate or do anything

Canine Cooler’s® cool conforming cushion is also the perfect way to help with the treatment of pain, swelling, discomfort and stress. This amazing pet bed may assist with the treatment of the following:
Elbow Dysplasia                 Canine Autoimmune          Post Surgery Senior Canines                   Skin Conditions                 Post Chemotherapy Heat Stroke                        Hip Dysplasia                    Cushing’s Disease Hemolytic Anemia              Allergies                            Calluses Hygromas

The beds come in three sizes – small, medium and large

Small – 45 x 60cm – Use 4.73 litres Medium – 60 x 90 cm – Use 10.4 litres Large – 90 x 120 cm – Use 20.8 litres

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