Pet Mobility Carts and Disability Aids for Sale or for Hire Australia

Everything to help you if your pet has a disability

Standard Wheelchair

Standard Wheelchair

Standard Wheelchair

These can be used for dogs, cats or any other small animal.

They are custom built so you will need to measure your pet.

The Standard Dog Wheelchair is used for rear limb weakness. Example: Your pet walks strongly with its front legs when using the towel test. Your pet must have normal strength in the forelimbs, no pain, and the desire to be active. The Standard Dog Wheelchair can be used as a walking cart (with rear paws on the ground) or as a non-walking cart (with rear legs held up and protected in slings). Cable leg rings are covered with contoured, dense foam padding to prevent pressure sores and give pelvic support. The Standard Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts™ is an excellent aid for rehabilitation.

Standard Dog Wheelchair Measurements (Measurements are needed for placing your order)

Measurement List

A. Rear height from top of hips to floor. B. Length of back from shoulders to base of tail. C. Inside distance from heel of the front paw to toes of back paw. D. Girth or circumference around the chest. E. Front height from top of shoulders to floor. F. Width of shoulders straight across. G. Width of hips straight across. H. Groin to the floor.

Helpful Measurement Tips

1. For accurate measurements have your pet stand in a square position (with legs straight down from the shoulders and hips). 2. A yardstick is best for taking measurements A, B, C, E, F, G, H. 3. A cloth tape is best for cart measurement D. 4. If you are measuring with a cloth tape be sure to hold the tape straight and taught. 5. If you have a paralyzed dog, you can lay it down on its side with its back straight against a wall and legs extended straight down from the hips and shoulders, and take all measurements this way – except D, F, and G which must be taken in a standing position.





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